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Ed. Søren Bitsch Christensen: History of Ribe I-III, Ribe 2010.

In celebration of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary in 2010, the municipality of Esbjerg publishes a three-volume opus named ”History of Ribe”. A collected opus of the town’s history has not been published since 1946; therefore this publication is set to be one of the high lights of the anniversary.

The excavations, made in the last 20 years have brought many new findings in Ribe to daylight and as such new knowledge on our history. Among others, the excavations this past summer at Lindegaarden at the cathedral of Ribe have revealed the former procession area and new knowledge on the history of the building. Further, archeologists have found what may prove to be some of the first Christian graves in Denmark. All this must of course be part of History of Ribe.

The three books take the reader through the history from the first market place in the year 710 over the royal and religious influence in the Middle Ages to a modern, but well-preserved town with a special place in the national history of Denmark. It is published in cooperation with Danish Centre for Urban History.

Book 1 is released in April, Books 2-3 in November 2010.

Info: Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Ribe of the Vikings – Trade, power and belief

In 1991, the popular book Ribe’s Vikings were published. Now it’s time to follow up on new results and give the book a new look and content. The last 18 years have brought new knowledge about Ribe in the period 700-1050. The book can be bought at Museet Ribes Vikinger from the 5th of June.

Info: Museet Ribes Vikinger,


Karen Margrethe Melbye and Anders V. Knudsen: Four seasons, Ribe’s Town Archive.

Photo book about life in Ribe in 2009. Every season is introduced with a picture taken on the same spot. The book shows everyday situations in Ribe, from children feeding ducks in the park to bigger events such as the Tulip Festival.

The text is in Danish, English and German.

Info: Ribe Byhistoriske Arkiv,


Ed. Søren Mulvad, Olga Pedersen, Mette Guldberg: My Ribe story, Historic Community of Ribe.

This book contains personal statements about Ribe: about buildings, work places, experiences, childhood, family and much more. Historic Community of Ribe have asked all people to contribute with their own story to make the book about Ribe personal for the next generations to remember.

Info: Historisk Samfund for Ribe Amt,


Karsten Eskildsen and Uwe Dall: 172 moments from Ribe, Ribe’s Town Archive.

This photo book shows 172 selected photos from Ribe, from about 1870 till today. The photos represent less known or completely unknown photos from Ribe and show how the town despite its well-preserved town centre has developed through decades.  

Info: Ribe Byhistoriske Arkiv,


Uwe Dall: Local historical articles about Ribe

Uwe Dall publishes some of his popular articles about Ribe throughout 2010. The title and content of the book will be revealed in the anniversary year.

Info: Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Lectures and tours


Ribe’s Tales

Throughout the year, Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary, Ribe Turistbureau and others arrange tours in Ribe with different historic themes. See the homepage for more information on time and place.

Info: Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,, and Ribe Turistbureau,


Ribe – the long history

Through a cooperation between the Southwestern Museums, Antiquarian Collection and Southwestern Public University, 8-10 lectures will take place in the anniversary year, where a number of authors of the new town history will talk about the development from market place to Ribe of today, where past and present meet. Further information on the subjects will be visible on the homepage.

Place: Museet Ribes Vikinger.

Time: Always at 19.30.

Subjects: Further information will follow.

Info: Sydvestjysk Folkeuniversitet,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Art in Ribe and Ribe in art

Ribe Art Museum, Ribe Art Association and Southwestern Public University host two lectures in spring and two lectures in the fall on art and architecture. Subjects are e. g. the historical buildings, churches of Ribe and ”Trumpets of Heaven” about Carl-Henning Pedersen’s decoration of the cathedral of Ribe.

Place: Museet Ribes Vikinger, Odins Plads, Ribe.

Time: Always at 19.30.

Subjects: Further information will follow.

Info: Sydvestjysk Folkeuniversitet,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Film and TV


The old Ribe on DVD

Watch the historical Ribe on these old recordings, found and cleaned and made into this extraordinary DVD collection. The recordings go back 100 years and show the development of town. The oldest parts show a town without cars or dykes and the Skibbroen being flooded. The inhabitants look strangely at the camera at this first encounter with new technique.  The films were made by cinema director H.A. Bojsen 1907-1913 and from 1936-1955 by Andreas Lauridsen (Foto-Lauridsen). Big and small events are documented, such as the occupation of Denmark on April 9 1940 as well as the retreat of the Germans in summer 1945. The duration of the DVD will be of estimated 120 minutes.

Info: 24B FILM,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


The hidden Ribe

Local TV station TVSYD show broadcasts about Ribe, where you get behind the house fronts and see things, not normally visible for tourists. See the hidden part of Ribe with cosy back yards, the strutting under Sct. Catharinæ Kloster and visit Brorson’s old bishops house Taarnborg. The viewers also get to know hiking trails, black sun and the Wadden Sea. Explore the series and then come to Ribe to see it all live. SydProduktion Aps produced the programs. The three broadcasts premieres at TVSYD January 6th, 13th and 20th 2010.Info: TVSYD,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Perfect Day with Claus Meyer

The well known chef, Claus Meyer, being one of the men behind restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen, has visited Ribe to cook with the products of the Wadden Sea. Claus Meyer has cooked in Ribe at the Ribe VikingeCenter and directly at the Wadden Sea. The programs are produced by Tellus Works and will be broadcasted on Danish TV as well as internationally.

Info: Tellus Works,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Documentary on Jacob A. Riis

The Film company Citizen Dane, whose director Marcus Mandal has made programs like A royal family and KAREN BLIXEN - Out Of This World, is at the moment trying to raise money for a documentary on Ribe’s famous son, the photographer and journalist Jacob A. Riis.

Director Marcus Mandal went to Danmarks Journalisthøjskole and Københavns Universitet. He has won a number of international awards for his work and he has become very fascinated by the story about Jacob A. Riis. Citizen Dane cooperates with an American company and is trying to raise money for a documentary on Jacob A. Riis.

Marcus Mandal was in Ribe in fall 2009 to make a trailer for the documentary. The trailer is to convey interest with investors and funds, so it will be possible to produce the documentary as a whole. Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary has supported the production of the trailer, which can be seen on the anniversary homepage.

Info: Citizen Dane,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,




All year. Historic atlas

The homepage has been developed since 2006 by Odense Cities Museums as a portal for history mediation on the internet with interactive maps, text, pictures and other information. Now you can find many stories from Ribe. Click and learn something new.

Info: Historisk Atlas,


All year. Our street

The tenant association of Ribe Town Centre invites all members and inhabitants in Ribe to dive into history and explore history on the spot where they live. The project involves the street itself, the house and former houses on that place, the inhabitants, the fittings, work and the garden. The inhabitants of Ribe are to be made curious on their own near surroundings and the result is new knowledge on Ribe and its people. Everyone can participate and there will be public meetings and lectures.

Place: Ribe.

Price: Free.

Info: Ribe Bykernes Beboerforening,


Arts and crafts

All year. Ribe wallpaper ”Ribe through 1300 years”

The Ribe wallpaper is a 10 meters long piece of art, telling the story of Ribe from its founding up till now. Famous people and buildings are part of it. The Ribe wallpaper is made by the artist Bernd Hobohm, and will be hanging at Ribe Byferie. The historical details are presented in cooperation with Museet Ribes Vikinger.

Place: Ribe Byferie, Damvej 34, Ribe.

Tie: All day.

Price: Free entrance.

Info: Ribe Byferie,


All year. Tapestry made by the Ribe Quilters

The Ribe Quilters are donating a large tapestry to hang at Ribe Vandrehjem (Danhostel Ribe). The motives on the tapestry are all from Ribe, e. g. the cathedral, the stork in its nest on the old city hall, Sct. Catharinæ church, Queen Dagmar on Slotsbanken, the flood post and Maren Spliids house. In the middle of the tapestry is the logo Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary. Everyone is welcome to see the tapestry at Danhostel Ribe.

Place: Danhostel Ribe, Sct. Peders Gade 16, Ribe.

Info: Danhostel Ribe,


Other initiatives


Anniversary stamps from Post Danmark

In celebration of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary, Post Danmark publishes the 24th of March two stamps from Denmark’s oldest town at two different amounts. Further, the event will be named in Post Danmarks yearbook on stamp publications, first day covers on the publication day as well as great interest from philatelists all over the world.

Bertil Skov Jørgensen designed the stamps; his grand father was Helge Skov, bishop in Ribe from 1980 to 1991.

Info: Post Danmark,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


The Ribe animal – a Teutonic charm

Museet Ribes Vikinger is producing a copy of the oldest piece of jewelry found in Ribe. The charm can be dated back to before the foundation of town in 710; it was already made in about 680-700. It is a small plate with an animal and was found in Nikolaigade, where the first market place was situated. The charm can be bought in the museum shop at Museet Ribes Vikinger from 5th June.

Info: Museet Ribes Vikinger,


Beer and wine

Ribe Brewery is making an anniversary beer with ingredients inspired by ancient beer traditions. The little wine club imports red wine and white wine, sold as anniversary wine. Ridley’s produces a jubilee dram with walnuts and sea buckthorn.

Info: Ribe Bryghus,, Den lille Vinklub,, Ridley’s,, and Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Disabled-friendly anniversary

The anniversary invites all organisers to think about disabled persons. We cooperate with students of ergotherapy on surveys about accessibility. The anniversary is also for inhabitants, who cannot take part in all the adventures surrounding it. Therefore, the health care departments in Esbjerg will 2010 make theme weeks with focus on historical food, when delivering food to the older people in the municipality.

Info: Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary,


Decoration of Ribe

Ribe Trade Association is contributing to the decoration of Ribe during the year. Welcome signs at the access roads, decoration of the shops and streets with flags and the anniversary logo will make Ribe look festive and inviting all year through.  

The flower decorations in the streets are handled by the road unit of Esbjerg municipality. The summer flowers were chosen by an internet vote.

Info: Ribe Handelsstandsforening,, and Esbjerg Kommune,


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