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Hotel Dagmar is situated on Torvet in Ribe.

Historical restaurants

Ribe has many historical buildings and great restaurants: Hotel Dagmar and Weis’ Stue are among the most famous ones, but the town has many good restaurants. Ribe Tourist bureau will be glad to help you find them.

Hotel Dagmar
Hotel Dagmar is one of the most famous hotels and restaurants in town. The original building on Torvet burnt down in 1580 and the future mayor Laurids Thøgersen, re-built it in 1581. The building housed the town president, which was a kind of superior mayor most of the 1700’s. The first president in the house was Carsten Worm, grand child of the famous doctor and scientist Ole Worm (1588-1654). The last president in Ribe was Peter Ussing, who died in 1788. The president office was then cancelled in Ribe.
From about 1800 the buildings worked as an inn under the name “Greisens Hotel” or “Gæstgivergården”. The name “Hotel Dagmar” was emerged in 1912 in connection with a large renovation.

Billedtekst: Hotel Dagmar is situated on Torvet in Ribe.

Weis’ Stue ved Torvet i Ribe.
Weis’ Stue at Torvet in Ribe. 

Weis’ Stue
Weis’ Stue is one of the oldest houses in town with traces of many generations and different town families. The building is built in 2 levels of 8 layers of half-timber from the years around 1600. Weis’ Stue was built on the foundation of a medieval house. The house is still fitted as it was originally in 1704, which makes the atmosphere in the restaurant quite unique. No one knows who owned the house the first 100 years, but it was owned by the Thun family in 1704. Cecilie Thun sold the house to Anders Andersen Weiss in 1762. The Weiss family has for the last 4 generations done business on the place, a total of 152 years.
The building was sold to Ribe Municipality in 1913 and the old house was restored extensively. A piece of wood was then found with initials and the year 1704. After restoration Weis’ Stue was again used as an inn and today the house contains hotel as well as restaurant.

Restaurant Sælhunden på Skibbroen. 

Restaurant Sælhunden on Skibbroen.

Restaurant Sælhunden
At Skibbroen is Restaurant Sælhunden, situated in a more then 400 year old building. The atmosphere is cosy and the close connection to the sea is evident. Outside the spectator has a great view of Ribe å. Renting a bed is possible at Sælhunden.


Hotel Dagmar

Weis’ Stue

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